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Premium All-in-One W/Port - Dual Filter - XL

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Our All-in-One Bag with 2 extra large filter patches on either side of the bag placed horizontally at the level of the fruiting bodies for improved airflow across the bag. No need to rotate or switch bags on your racks anymore! Exclusive to SubstrateOne.

A groundbreaking process that's set to transform the way dung-loving mushrooms are cultivated. Our new All-In-One Sterile Substrate Mix is designed to not only simplify the cultivation process but also significantly reduce labor costs, while minimizing potential points of failure. Allow us to take you through the remarkable features that make this mix a game-changer in the world of mushroom growing.

Coco Coir 40% Sorguhum 40% Earth Worm Castings 10% Vermeculite 8% Gypsum 1% Lime 1%

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